For girls

For girls

You can reach the coordination centre against abduction and forced marriage by clicking on

Who is PAPATYA? We are a team of female German, Turkish and Kurdish social pedagogues and one female psychologist. For more than 30 years we have been helping girls and young women who have had to hide from their families in our secret flat. More than 1,800 girls and young women have found protection in our anonymous crisis shelter. We also counsel anyone who is a victim of domestic violence or a forced marriage by telephone or through our online service SIBEL.

Again and again, girls and young women contact us who are afraid that their family will take them to a foreign country against their will. When families finds out that a girl has been secretly seeing a boy, they want to make sure that the girl splits up with him. This can be a reason for forcing a girl – once she is abroad – to marry a relative or for sending her away to spend some time in a foreign country against her will.

We want to prevent girls in Germany from simply disappearing and nobody paying attention. If you are afraid that your family is planning to force you into a marriage if you go on holidays with them, or if you are afraid of them leaving you abroad, we can give you advice. It is important that every girl in a situation like this knows what risks she is taking when she joins her family for what they call “holidays“. When a girl is in a foreign country already, it is very difficult to organise help from Germany. In such cases, we try to assist girls in returning to Germany and we support them, even if their situation seems hopeless.

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