Emergency return plan

Emergency return plan

1. Stay inconspicuous!

When your family find out that you have secretly contacted someone for help, your situation could get worse. You could be locked up or only be allowed to leave the house with someone accompanying you. They could take away your telephone or your laptop. Better try to adapt to the situation and stay inconspicuous. This will improve your chances to prepare you flight and return.


2. Take care that you can access the web

You can send text messages via the web to contact people who can help you. Delete all traces you have left in the web! For this you can change your browser settings to private browsing.

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3. Find out where you are

You have to find out the exact location where you are and figure out how to get to the nearest city, to an aid organisation, to your Embassy etc.

4. Get your passport and save some money

5. Find out about local support

In some countries there are people or organisations that can help you. An Embassy can assist you, too. Contact them beforehand, so that you don’t end up in front of closed doors or get sent back. This could make your situation worse.


6. Be patient and don’t rush things!

In order to achieve your goal, you need good planning and stamina. Don’t endanger your safety by doing anything rash!

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